AM2 Black.jpg
LaunchPort AM.2 Sleeve - iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
AP5 Black.jpg
LaunchPort AP.5 Sleeve - iPad Air 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7"
AP4 Black.jpg
LaunchPort AP.4 Sleeve - iPad 4th gen
BaseStation Silver.jpg
LaunchPort BaseStation
WallStation White.jpg
LaunchPort WallStation
CM mini.jpg
Control Mount - iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3
CM Air.jpg
Control Mount - iPad Air 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7"
CM 2000.jpg
Control Mount - iPad | 2 | 3rd gen | 4th gen
CART_0039_CCS_Mini_On Base H.jpg
Charge Case & Stand - iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
from 159.90
CCS Air Stand H.jpg
Charge Case & Stand - iPad Air 1 | 2, Pro 9.7"
from 169.90
CART_0031_CCS_4_On Base H.jpg
Charge Case & Stand - iPad 4th gen
from 169.90
Charge Case - iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
CCS Air F.jpg
Charge Case - iPad Air 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7"
CCS 4 F.jpg
Charge Case - iPad 4th generation
Charge Stand
from 89.95
SM Bezel White mini F.jpg
Surface Mount System iPad mini 1 | 2 | 3
from 399.00
SM Bezel White mini F.jpg
Surface Mount System iPad mini 4
from 399.00
SM Bezel White Air F.jpg
Surface Mount System iPad Air 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7"
from 449.00
PoE Splitter
PoE Injector
Glass mount Kit.png
Glass Mounting Kit for iPad mini and iPad Air models
SM Bezel Silver mini F.jpg
Surface Mount Bezel Only
from 279.00
CM Mini Bezel.jpg
Control Mount Mini Bezel
CM Air Bezel.jpg
Control Mount Air 1 | 2, Pro 9.7" Bezel
CM 2000 Bezel.jpg
Control Mount CM-IW2000 Bezel
White Fascia.jpg
LaunchPort WallStation Fascia
iPort Power Wall Plate.jpg
iPort Power Wall Plate
iPort 15V 2A Power Supply_White.jpg
iPort 15V 2A Power Supply
USB Board.jpg
Control Mount USB Board
CCS Module_F.jpg
Charge Case Lightning Module - Mini and Air
CCS Module_F.jpg
Charge Case Lightning Module - iPad 4th gen
International Power Adapters.jpg
Charge Stand International Power Adapters
USB Upgrade KitLowres_4U3A2887.jpg
USB Upgrade Kit
ABEPK1 Thumb.png
LaunchPort Another Broken Egg Bundle
LaunchPort Taco John's Bundle
LaunchPort Auntie Anne's Bundle
Surface Mount System iPad Pro 12.9"
from 599.00
xPRESS Audio Keypad
Custom Buttons.png
Surface Mount Custom Engraved Button 10 Pack
Compare Products
LaunchPort Charge Case & Stand Control Mount
Charging Wireless Inductive Charging Wireless Conductive Charging Wired Conductive Charging
Mount Type Magnetic, Temporary On-Wall and Tabletop Magnetic, Temporary Tabletop Semi-Permananet In-Wall
Mount Portrait or Landscape? Yes Yes Yes
Protection Up to 6 ft drop Up to 3 ft drop N/A
Color Options Soft Touch Black, High Gloss White Soft Touch Black Flat, Paint-ready white
Security Solution? Yes. Optional Security Pack locks 2 halves of iPad Sleeve together and tethers Sleeve to a fixture. No Yes. Included Tether may be used with security screws for theft deterrance.
Optional, Programmable Hard Buttons? Yes: LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons No No
Key Applications Temporary Wall Mount, Table-top mount Table-top Mount, BOYD Solution for Businesses In-Wall Mount, Digital Signage Solution
Minimum System Requirements 1 Charging Station with power supply, 1 iPad Sleeve 1 Charge Stand with power supply, 1 iPad Charge Case 1 Mounting assembly and fascia, 1 wall box with power supply and DC low voltage conversion electronics
Mounting Angles N/A 3 Differenct Orientations N/A
Mounting Orientations Portrait or Landscape Portrait or Landscape Portrait or Landscape
Access to Apple lightning port while case is on? No Yes N/A
System Price From $339 From $159 From $329

VoltPort® Technology

iPort's VoltPort technology, onboard every Control Mount, provides the greatest flexibility in how iPads can be powered when installed:

  • Power iPads from power supplies between 12-24V DC: use 16 AWG Wire up to 400 Ft. from power supply using a 24V DC power supply.
  • Power multiple iPads from 1 industrial power supply, typically a 13.8V DC high wattage supply. In an example where a 200W, 13.8V power supply is used, up to 16 iPads in Control Mounts may be powered from one supply.
  • VoltPort electronics provide a green "OK LED" which confirms iPad will be adequately powered.  Great for "bench testing" combinations of wire type, wire distance and power supply.

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Where to Find Your iPort Product Serial Number

All iPort products contain a serial number.  This number appears in several locations:  On the inside or bottom of the product itself and on the bottom or back of the product packaging.  If you need further assistance in locating your product's serial number, click here.