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The LaunchPort with Buttons System consists of a Station, Sleeve and Sleeve Buttons which are the top portion of a Sleeve.  Sleeve Buttons communicate independent of iPad to various network bridges.  This independence is due to Sleeve Buttons containing their own CR2032 battery, lasting up to 10 years under normal use.  

Sleeve Buttons transmit radio frequencies of either 434 MHz (North America) or 868 MHz (UK and Europe).  Sleeve Buttons utilize the Clear Connect protocol, which is managed by Lutron Electronics.  Sleeve Buttons communicate to Lutron Network Bridge like the HomeWorks Repeater, HomeWorks QSM, RadioRA 2 Main Repeater, and the Caséta Smart Bridge Pro.  These Network Bridges convert Clear Connect Radio Frequency to IP commands that can be monitored by various control systems.  Lutron Network Bridges, corresponding processors (if required) are then integrated with Control System processors via existing software drivers.  

To learn more about integration with Lutron network devices, please read the Lutron iPort Integration Guide below.


LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons Models

AM.2 Sleeve Buttons - for iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3

AP.5 Sleeve Buttons - for iPad Air, iPad Air 2


Product Diagram


System Diagram

NOTE:  Some Control systems may not work with all Lutron Bridge devices.  Some control systems may require additional paid drivers or modules to create functionality.

Bitwise - Works with Lutron Caséta Wireless and RadioRA 2.  Requires a Paid module available via Bitwise Dealer Portal

Crestron - There are two separate packages below for Lutron support with Crestron.  If using a Caséta Smart Bridge Pro, please ensure using the appropriate download.

URC - Works with Caséta, RA2 and HomeWorks.  Requires a Paid module called "Dash" available here.


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