The System

What a LaunchPort with Buttons System Looks Like

The LaunchPort with Buttons system consists of 3 parts: a Station, a Sleeve and Sleeve Buttons.  Sleeve Buttons replace the standard top that ships with a Sleeve, adding buttons to the Sleeve.  Sleeve Buttons models exist to match LaunchPort Sleeve models and colors.


Station + Sleeve + Sleeve Buttons = LaunchPort with Buttons System


LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons attach onto a Sleeve, replacing the standard sleeve-top.


Provided Icon-Imprinted Buttons


Control System Components and Compatibility

Sleeve Buttons communicate via Lutron's Clear Connect one way 434MHz (or 868MHz if in UK / EU) protocol to a variety of Lutron network bridges and repeaters.  The Lutron network bridge converts clear connect button-press commands onto an IP network.  Using Lutron drivers, Sleeve Buttons can be monitored by the control processor of the control system of your choice.  In most cases, the Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro is the only network bridge required to allow Sleeve Buttons to communicate with your control system.  

To see the full and updated list of control system compatibility with Lutron's Smart Bridge Pro, click here.


Sleeve Buttons are set up as a "phantom keypad" in the control system, button presses are monitored and programmed to enact macros or commands in the control system. The extent of LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons functionality is dependent on the capabilities of the control system you are using.  

Note: Some control systems may not provide functionality outside of lighting and shade control, depending on how the Lutron Driver is written.  

Visit our support section to read App Notes for specific Control Systems as well as the Lutron Integration Guide.