The Solution

The Solution for Chipotle was a marriage of hardware and software.  Already partners, PlayerLync and iPort teamed up to provide a comprehensive solution for Chipotle, covering all software needs and addressing all requirements for using iPads in the hectic restaurant space.

The Software

PlayerLync provides the easiest ways for enterprise business and professional sports teams to deliver and access content on iPad. Before Chipotle deployed PlayerLync, Chipotle was unable to effectively deliver and manage training content and eLearning packages to 40,000 employees in 1,700 locations.

With PlayerLync, every Chipotle iPad now automatically downloads and updates video and documents for complete offline access. "The ability to deliver clear and consistent messaging to our teams, multiple times a day in HUGE." explains David Chrisman of Chipotle.

Chipotle managers also use PlayerLync to capture video in their restaurants and share them with corporate as best practices. Leadership is also able to deliver a video-based dose of corporate culture and inspiration to employees around the world. 


The Hardware

iPort's LaunchPort system provided the right combination of features and functions for Chipotle:  by combining magnetic mounting, indicative charging in an integrated protective case, the LaunchPort System protects iPad, keeps it charged and provides a unique magnetic wall mount for easy access.

"The LaunchPort system really impressed us. There was no other solution that came close to helping us achieve our technology goals,"  explains Sam Worobec, Training and Development Manager, Chipotle, "iPort even designed a 'standle' for us: part handle, part stand which can be added to the LaunchPort Sleeve whenever we need it."