Any Surface, Anywhere, Any Way.


Install iPad in a snap.

Installing iPad into the Surface Mount bezel is a 'snap', literally. Just place iPad into the bezel and snap in the tabs, that's it.  While installed, you can still control the iPad power button by using the power button extension port on the side of the bezel.  You can even utilize iPad's speaker and microphone while installed in the bezel.



Use any wall box worldwide; install in any orientation.

The Surface Mount system gives you true flexibility when installing iPad on a wall.  The mounting bracket can be positioned in any orientation on top of any wall box.  This is helpful if trying to align the Surface Mount with other objects above or below on the wall, or if trying to cover a hole from an older device.  And our specialized screws are 1 part anchor, 1 part screw, minimizing the amount of work required to affix the mounting bracket onto the wall.  We thought hard to make it easy... so you don't have to.



A tiny device with a lot of possibilities.

Meet the iPort PoE Splitter: a tiny device that can fit into any wall box worldwide.  Connect CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable to the Splitter to receive power from a PoE (803.2af) power source like a PoE Network Switch.  Or connect low voltage wire to our 2-pin port from any 24V DC power source.  Connect your iPad Lightning cable to the USB port to provide up to 12W of power to iPad.  You can even use the Splitter as a cable manager to wrap up excess iPad cable making it easier to place the Splitter in a wall box.  It's like origami, for your wires.




Hang  iPad on the wall with the power of magnets.

Once you've placed iPad in the bezel and wired your Splitter, the only thing left to do is snap your iPad-in-bezel onto the mounting bracket.  This is done with the power of magnets.  Simply place the Bezel above the mounting bracket and it snaps right into place.  You can even utilize our security locks to make sure your iPad stays put in busy places like offices or restaurants.