Do you offer an upgrade kit for the new Lightning Connector for the FS-21, 22 or 23?

The FS-2 Series has been discontinued and we do not offer an upgrade product to accommodate the Apple Lighting connector.


What are the functional differences between an FS-21, FS-22 and FS-23?

The FS-21 provides IR-control and audio/video out, the FS-22 adds RS-232 Serial Control from the FS-21, and the FS-23 adds IP Control and an On-Screen GUI from the FS-21.


Do the FS-21 and FS-22 provide a video Graphical User Interface (GUI) output to a plasma or LCD?

No. iPort does not offer an on-screen GUI model at this time. iPort is working on GUI models for the future.


Do the FS-21 and FS-22 charge the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod classic?

Yes. Charging is supported on the iPhone 3G and most iPod models, except 3rd generation and older (the ones with 4 buttons across the front).


Are the FS-21 and FS-22 fully-compatible with the iPhone 3G and iPod touch?

Yes. The message displayed on the iPhone stating, ‘not being compatible’ refers to a different accessory item, not the iPort.


Are the FS-21 and FS-22 supplied with Balanced Audio or Balanced Video Kits?

No. Balanced Audio Kit (Part# 70122) or Balanced Video Kit (Part# 70123) are optional and available separately. Please note: the balanced and video Wall Plate supplied with the original FS-3, FS-4 and FS-5 are not compatible with the new FS-21 and FS-22. You will need to upgrade the older balanced Wall Plates with the new Balanced Audio and Video Kits.


Regarding the Balanced Audio Kit and RS-232 control, what type of phone cable needs to be connected from the control system to the Sender Wall Plate?

A phone cable (RJ-11) with a 1-to-1 Pin connection. Many off-the-shelf cables are wired in a flip, with pin one going to pin six. The Sender Wall Plate requires a one-to-one connection, with pin one wired to pin one.


If I buy an FS-21, can I upgrade it to an FS-22?

No. The new FS-2 Series is simplified, so it is important to decide upfront if you need IR control only (FS-21) or IR and RS-232 control (FS-22).


Are the RS-232 control modules identical for both the Original FS Series and the FS-2 Series?

Yes. All existing control modules are compatible with both series.


Does the iPort EX-1 remote work with the new FS Series?

Yes. The EX-1 is available in black (70030) and white (70032). 


Will the new FS-2 Series allow my iPod and iPhone to sync with iTunes? 

Yes. The USB port needs to be connected to a computer with the latest version of iTunes. A USB cable is not included with the FS-2 Series. Apple requires a USB 2.0 cable for syncing. USB 1.0 cables will not work. 


How can I verify the RS-232 functionality of an FS-22? 

The password-protected dealer page on contains the SIOM troubleshooting software and Instruction Manual to test the RS-232 connection using a computer’s COM port. If you are having problems, these tools will help you quickly identify if the problem is with the FS-22 or the control system. (Please contact iPort Technical Support at (800) 582-0772 for more information.) 


The iPod is docked in the FS-22, but the system does not respond to IR or direct control. Is there a problem with the FS-22? 

Not likely. The FS-22 is configured out-of-the-box for RS-232 control and expects to communicate with a control system. However, it can easily be re-configured for both IR and RS-232 control. (Please see FS-2 Series Instruction Manual.) 


My customer has an FS-5 and I want to upgrade him to the new FS-22. What components will I need to accomplish this? 

You will need an FS-22 (70116), Balanced Audio Kit (70122), and Balanced Video Kit (70123). The older Balanced Wall Plate Kit from the original FS Series is not compatible with new FS-2 Series. 


How do I change the audio output from Fixed to Variable? 

The bottom of the FS-21 and FS-22 has a Fixed/Variable switch that can be moved with a small jeweler’s screwdriver or a paper clip. When using the FS-22 in serial mode, the switch should be set to ‘Fixed’. 


The RS-232 board jumper on my FS-22 has been misplaced. Can I get a replacement? 

Yes. The board jumper can be ordered through any authorized iPort dealer or distributor. The part number is 70089. 


The supplied RS-232 cable is not long enough. How far can I lengthen it? 

You can lengthen it approximately 30 ft. (9m) unless the signal is being sent via the new Balanced Audio Kit. 


For the Balanced Audio Kit, how far can the IR be transmitted over the CAT5 between the Wall Plates? 

It can be transmitted 250ft (76m).