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Control Mount Trouble Shooting Guide

Here are some tips to use when trouble shooting a Control Mount that is not powering iPad correctly


1.     The +15 volt DC Power Supply (PS) is not plugged into a functional AC outlet or may have an internal problem. Measure the DC voltage output of the PS with a multi-meter (if available). If the reading is zero or close to zero volts DC, replace the PS. This happens very rarely, but is possible. Also, double-check the AC outlet to ensure the GFI protection has not tripped. If it has, reset the outlet and check/measure the voltage down the line again.

2.     The 2-conductor wire used between the Power Wall Plate and the Control Mount maybe reversed at some point with the +15 volt wire connected to the Ground terminal.  Double-check the wire polarity on both 2-terminal Phoenix connectors’ on the Control Mount USB Electronics Board and the Power Wall Plate. If you have a multi-meter, measure the voltage on the 2-terminal Phoenix connectors’ on the USB Electronics Board and/or the Power Wall Plate. If you read -15 volts instead of +15 volts, reverse the wire polarity at one end and see if charging commences.

3.     The wire used between the Control Mount and its Power Wall Plate is too long or not the proper gauge to ensure charging. 14/2 speaker wire is good to 200 feet (60m), 16/2 is good to 150 feet (45m), 18/2 is good to 100 feet (30m), 20/2 is good to 50 feet (15m). If using CAT5 or CAT6, twist two pairs together for +15v and the other 2 pairs for ground. This will allow distances up to 100 feet (30m).

4.     The USB Electronics Board in the CM housing assembly has a fault. If you have a multi-meter, measure for +15 volts across the 2-terminal Phoenix connector. If you measure + 15 across the terminals, then see if the power indicator LED on the circuit board is lit. If it is, then charging should commence. If the LED does not light, then the board may have a fault and should be replaced

5.     If the iPad was recently updated through iTunes, cycle power by holding down Power Button for 10 seconds, wait a few seconds and then push the Power Button again. Once it boots up, re-install it in the CM system and see if the charge indictor on the iPad lights. If the iPad still won’t charge, try a different iPad (if you have one available). If you are unsuccessful in troubleshooting the system, then you can certainly send it to us for service. If the green LED does not light, then the required charging voltage is not making it to the Wall Station. Troubleshoot back up the line through to the Power Wall Plate and/or +15 power supply. Measure the PS directly. If the PS reads +15 volts, check the wire connections and polarity as explained previously.

6.     If you follow the Installation Instructions and the preceding troubleshooting steps and the iPad won’t charge, relocate the CM housing to the location of the Power Wall Plate and PS. Connect the system together with a short 2-conductor wire and see if charging commences. If it does, you may have a wire problem somewhere in the system. Measure the wire for open and shorted conditions; pull new wire if possible. 


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Control Mount FAQs

What is the Control Mount warranty?

All Control Mount products are warrantied for 1 year from the time of purchase. For the full warranty terms please refer to the warranty section, which can be found here.


What is the Control Mount return policy?

Please refer to our online sales and return policy by clicking here.


How do I power the Control Mount?

The Control Mount ships with an AC to DC power supply and Electronics Board that is used to power the Control Mount system.  To learn more about these, click here.


Can I use the Mic and Speaker from the iPad while in the Control Mount?

Not at this time.


Can I plug a line out into the headphone jack of the iPad?

No. For best results, we suggest using a wireless streaming technology such as AirPlay or Sonos and use the iPad as a controller instead of an audio source.


Do you make Control mount for other Manufactures?

Not at this time.  However, If you have a specific need for a large quantity of Control Mount for a specific device, please contact us at


Can I use the Control Mount outside?

No. The Control Mount was designed for use indoors.


Can I use the iPad Air with the CM-IW2000 V2?

No. The CM-IW2000 V2 was designed for the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3rd and and iPad 4th generations.


Can I buy replacement parts fort the Control Mount?

Yes. You can order replacement parts here.


I purchased a new iPad to replace my original 1st generation iPad-in-CM-IW2000. How do I upgrade my CM-IW2000 to work with my new iPad?

We have a power upgrade kit and a fit kit available if you are upgrading from the 1st Generation iPad to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th iPad. If you have the 2nd generation iPad and look to upgrade to the 3rd or 4th you do not need the Fit Kit.  To purchase these items, please contact us at as we do not carry these products on our website.


Do you offer different color Control Mounts?

The Control Mount bezel is white, but it is paint-ready meaning it can be painted any color.


My Control Mount will not charge my iPad any Longer.

Please refer to the iPort Troubleshooting Guide found here.  If you need support, please visit our support page and fill out a support inquiry.


Can I use CAT5 or CAT6 wire to remotely power my Control Mount?

Yes. You can group the 8 strands into 2 conductors, keeping note to match to colored strands on each end, and run the wire up to 200 feet away from the power supply.


What kind of power supply is required to run the Contorl Mount?

The Control Mount can operate between 12-24V (1A) DC. The included power supply provided is 110/240V AC input and 15V 1A output.  However, you can use any power supply between 12-24V DC output to power a Control Mount, provided the power supply can deliver at least 10W of power to the control mount.  You can even use an industrial DC high wattage power supply to power multiple Control Mounts from one supply.  These power supplies are typically 13.8V DC output and range from 100-200W output. To learn more about our flexible VoltPort power system on board our current Control Mount line up, click here.

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