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LaunchPort Trouble Shooting Guide

Here are some tips to use when troubleshooting LaunchPort product that is not powering iPad correctly: 

1.     The +15 volt DC Power Supply (PS) is not plugged into a functional AC outlet or may have an internal problem. Measure the DC voltage output of the PS with a multi-meter (if available). If the reading is zero or close to zero volts DC, replace the PS. This happens very rarely, but is possible. Also, double-check the AC outlet to ensure the GFI protection has not tripped. If it has, reset the outlet and check/measure the voltage down the line again.

2.     The 2-conductor wire used between the Power Wall Plate and the Wall Station maybe reversed at some point with the +15 volt wire connected to the Ground terminal.  Double-check the wire polarity at both the backside of the Wall Station and the Power Wall Plate. If you have a multi-meter, measure the voltage on the 2-terminal Phoenix connector on the backside of the Wall Station. If you read -15 volts instead of +15 volts, reverse the wire polarity, then re-dock the Sleeve and see if charging commences.

3.     The wire used to extend the PS to the Wall Station is too long and/or not the proper gauge to ensure charging. 14/2 speaker wire is good to 200 feet (60m), 16/2 is good to 150 feet (45m), 18/2 is good to 100 feet (30m), 20/2 is good to 50 feet (15m). If using CAT5 or CAT6, twist the two pairs together for +15v and the other 2 pairs for ground. This will allow distances up to 100 feet (30m).

4.     The Wall Station may have an internal fault. If possible, try your Sleeve on a different Wall Station or Base Station to see if the iPad charging symbol lights. If the iPad/Sleeve does charge on a different Station, remove the Wall Station from the wall. If you have a multi-meter, measure for +15 volts across the 2-terminal Phoenix connector on the PCB (printed circuit board). If you measure + 15 across the terminals, look inside the stacked PCBs to see if the green LED on the board is blinking. If it is, dock the Sleeve and iPad on the Station. There is a yellow LED that should light and stay solid with the Sleeve on the Station. Does the yellow LED light? If it does and yet the iPad still won’t charge, the Wall Station should be returned for service. If the green LED does not light, then the required charging voltage is not making it to the Wall Station. Troubleshoot back up the line through to the Power Wall Plate and/or +15 power supply. Measure the PS directly. If the PS reads +15 volts, check the wire connections and polarity as explained previously.

5.     The Wall Station works but the Sleeve has an issue. Try your iPad/Sleeve on a different Wall Station proven to function normally. If it does not charge, then you have an issue with the Sleeve; arrange for service or replace the Sleeve.

6.     The Sleeve/iPad charges for a few seconds and then stops. If I undock the Sleeve from the Station, put it back on the station and have to rotate to initiate charging, then the Sleeve has an issue and should be replaced.


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LaunchPort with Buttons FAQs

What Control Systems does Sleeve Buttons work with?

LaunchPort with Buttons work with any Lurton Device and/or control system that is Clear Connect Enabled.  Lurton’s Caséta Smart Bridge Pro is an affordable network hub that in most cases is the only device required to enable button functionality with a control system.  Through Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro, LaunchPort with Buttons can work with the following systems: Crestron, Control 4, Savant, RTI, Bitwise, Roomie, URC, Key Digital, Pro Controls, iRule, Elan, Honeywell, Logitech Harmony, IFTTT, “works with Nest” program. 

A full list is available by clicking here.


Do I need to use a Lutron system to work buttons?

In most cases, all you need is a Caséta Smart Bridge Pro, not a comprehensive Lutron system.  You may use Sleeve Buttons with Lutron systems like HomeWorks QS, RadioRA 2 if you would like, however.


How do I program Sleeve buttons to work with my control system?

Learn more about this by clicking here and reading the Integration Guide.


I would like to use Sleeve Buttons in Europe.  What do I need?

In most European countries, you will need 868 MHz Sleeve Buttons to be compatible with the 868 MHz Clear Connect Lutron systems sold in this region.  The most common Lutron system in this region is HomeWorks.


Do Sleeve buttons work via IR or Bluetooth?

No. Sleeve buttons communicate via Lutron’s ClearConnect protocol which is a low frequency, lower power, 1 way radio frequency transmission.


How long does the battery last?

Up to 10 years under normal use.


Do you offer custom button labeling?

Not at this time.  If you would like to inquire further about custom labeling on LaunchPort Sleeve Buttons, email us at

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LaunchPort FAQs

How do I install a LaunchPort system?

The LaunchPort BaseStation and Sleeve require no installation. Simply slip a Sleeve onto an iPad and plug your BaseStation into a wall outlet. 
The LaunchPort WallStation installation is designed for most people to perform on their own or with the help of an electrician or handyman. For a list of installers, please visit  

Where does the LaunchPort WallStation system get power, once installed in a wall?

The LaunchPort ships with an AC to DC converter that is used to power the LaunchPort system in a wall.  Low voltage wire is run from the power source to the installation location of the WallStation.  Low voltage wire can be a Category cable like CAT 5 or CAT 6 or can be two-conductor wire like 16 AWG speaker wire.  The LaunchPort WallStation power interface is a 2-pin Phoenix connector.


Can I hardwire the Wallstation to AC power? 

No. The LaunchPort Wallstation cannot be wired directly to 110/220 AC high voltage. The Wallstation requires the use of DC low voltage from the provided power supply in order to operate.


How far can I run wire between the power source and the WallStation? 

Please see the iPort wiring guide.


What voltage does the WallStation require to operate?

The LaunchPort WallStation can operate with a supplied voltage of 12-15V DC.  The required Amperage is at least 2A at this voltage. The included WallStation power supply converts 110-240V AC to 15V 2A DC, providing a total of up to 30W output.

Can I power the WallStation with PoE?

No.  PoE is 56V DC, and exceeds the maximum voltage a LaunchPort WallStation can take.  Any power source the provides 12-15V 2A DC to a WallStation can be used.


Can I use the WallStation with a yacht, aircraft or vehicles 12V DC circuit?  

Yes, if the vessel is providing 12-15V 2A DC locally to the WallStation.


Can I order replacement parts for my LaunchPort? 
Yes.  Please visit the LaunchPort Support page to view a list of service parts that may be ordered.


Does LaunchPort get warm?

Yes, and this is normal and safe. Most electronic devices emit some degree of heat.  Heat may be higher during peak charging scenarios or if the LaunchPort is installed in direct sunlight.


How does LaunchPort charge my iPad?

The LaunchPort system uses inductive charging technology to charge your iPad. Inductive charging works by transmitting power between two electrical coils or transformers. If you have an electric toothbrush with a charging dock containing no conductive elements, you are already using inductive charging technology in your home. Because there are no conductive connections, LaunchPort safely delivers over 12 Watts of power over-the-air. Also, when your iPad is not connected to a Station, the Station falls asleep and operates below 1 watt of power, making it compliant with European low energy standards.


Does LaunchPort charge my iPad in the same amount of time as my Apple Power Adapter?



Will my iPad’s battery wear down faster while connected to a LaunchPort system?

No. Your iPad determines its own consumption of power. Thus, there is no difference between charging an iPad on a LaunchPort system or using an Apple iPad power supply. iPad is designed to maximize its battery's lifespan and charge cycles.


What do I do if my LaunchPort system is not working correctly? 

If your LaunchPort system is not working as expected, please connect with our technical support team by filling out a technical support inquiry at the bottoms of the main support page


What is the LaunchPort warranty?

All LaunchPort products contain a one-year warranty from time of purchase. For full warranty terms, please read the warranty.


What is the LaunchPort return policy?

Please read our return policy.


How do I clean my LaunchPort products?

Dampen a microfiber cloth with a small amount of water and wipe the desired area on the device.  This method may be used for all LaunchPort products.  Cleaning your products in this way will ensure that the finish of the products will last and that the electronics inside will not be affected.


My iPad/Sleeve will not charge when I dock it on my Wall Station or BaseStation?

Please read the LaunchPort Troubleshooting Guide.


Can I use CAT5 or CAT6 cable to power my LaunchPort?

Yes. You can group the eight conductors of a CAT cable into two groups of four conductors, keeping note to match the colored strands on each end.  The two groups may be terminated to the Phoenix connector on the WallStation and Wall Plate at the location of the power source.  The CAT cable can be up to 50 feet long.


What size is the Launchport Power Supply Connector?

The iPort Power Supply is an AC/DC 15V 2A Power Supply with a 5.5x2.1MM Barrel Plug  Connector.