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IW-2 Series FAQs

Do you offer an upgrade kit for the new Lightning Connector for the IW 20, 21 or 22?

The In-Wall Series has been discontinued and we do not offer an upgrade product to accommodate the Apple Lighting connector.


Can I buy replacement parts fort the IW?

Yes. You can order some replacement parts here. If you need parts that we do not sell on our site, please contact us at


My IW20/21/22 has stopped working what can I do?

Make sure the iPod is securely seated into the IW unit. Check to make sure the power adapter is plugged into the wall. If this does not resolve the issue, please submit a support inquiry and our support team will be in contact with you.


Do you repair old IW20, 21 or 22 units? 

We are no longer accepting out-of-warranty IW Series units back for service.