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Charge Case & Stand Trouble Shooting Guide

Here are some tips to use when troubleshooting a Charge Case & Stand system that is not powering iPad correctly

1.  Ensure that the Lightning Module (at the bottom of the case) is fully inserted into the iPad.

2.  Ensure that the Charge Case is seated properly onto the Charge Stand.  The Charge Stand's magnets should auto-align the Case onto he stand so that the electrical pins on the stand align with the pads on the Charge Case.  If the iPad is not being charged, try nudging the Charge Case a bit until charging occurs. 

3.  Ensure that the Charge Stand is fully plugged into the wall and that you are using the correct electrical connector for your world region (if using 230V version).

4.  If 1-3 look good but still no luck, inspect the charge pins on the Charge Stand to see if they have been damaged at all.  If they are not fully deployed, they might not make an electrical connection with pads on the case.

5.  If 4 looks good, inspect the pads on the back of the Charge Case to ensure there is no material that is obstructing the pads to make a solid electrical connection with the pins on the Charge Stand.

6.  If all of the above look good, then you may have a unit that is just not working.  Please submit a support inquiry and we'll take care of you.