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Surface Mount Antimicrobial

iPads have quickly become a standard in healthcare for a purposes including digital patient records and patient check-in to patient education. Though iPads provide undeniable benefits in the industry, from an infection control perspective, they create a high touch surface capable of transferring bacteria to anyone coming in contact with the device. 

More and more Healthcare organizations are implementing infection control strategies that require antimicrobial treated devices. Introducing Surface Mount Antimicrobial, combining the elegance and versatility of Surface Mount with added antimicrobial protection for use demanding healthcare environments.

Available in White for iPad Air 1 | 2 | Pro 9.7” | 5th Gen


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Antimicrobial Precision Machined Bezel

The Bezel is coated with a Linetec 70% PVDF-based fluoropolymer finish to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. A protective antimicrobial film covers the iPad screen.


AAMA 2605-13 Compliant

Surface Mount's Antimicrobial coating consists of a three coat finishing process designed to meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605-13, the most stringent specification for coatings offered by the AMAA.


Flexible Power Options via PoE or Low Voltage

Surface Mount Antimicrobial's electronics system can receive power from a PoE Switch or 24V DC power supply.  For instances where power from a wall receptacle is required, just use the PoE Injector.

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More than just an iPad frame.

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Mount on any surface, even glass for a clean minimalistic look. Use any wall box, whether EU, UK or US, single gang or double gang. Built in security locks keep iPad secure from theft in high traffic areas. All of iPads essential functions remain accessible.

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Power Options

Power Options


The freedom to power iPad in many ways.

Surface Mount gives you the freedom to power iPad in several ways with a series of iPort designed power accessories. Whether running power over a long distance or utilizing existing wiring from an older device, the Surface Mount System has you covered.  


PoE Splitter

Our PoE Splitter the smallest of its kind and is designed to provide power to the iPad's Lightning Connector from a PoE Switch (IEEE 802.3af), or can be powered from nearly any 24V power supply. 



PoE Injector

The PoE Injector can be used to power iPad from a local wall receptacle or can be plugged into an AV rack up to 600 feet away. 

Hardwire iPad to a Network with Surface Mount

Our PoE solution in combination with a series of Apple adapters, is the world's first solution using a single CAT5 from a PoE switch provide power and data to the iPad.

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