Surface Mount iPad Ethernet and Audio Out Compatibility



Surface Mount is the ultimate solution to charge and mount iPad elegantly on the wall.  It just got better with the ability to hard-wire iPad to the network via Apple network adapters.  In order for this great functionality to happen, we needed to make a mechanical modification to our Surface Mount and Surface Mount with Buttons products.

Many SKUs have already been modified and there are still others in process.  Check out the list below to determine which SKUs are ready to go.  At any time you can check for the blue "works with" sticker on the bottom of the Surface Mount box to confirm the product has been modified.

This modification also allows for 3rd party audio accessories like the Belkin Audio Rock Star adapter to be used with iPad and Surface Mount.

Check out the wiring diagram to see what parts are required and how the system is wired up for both Ethernet and Audio Out Scenarios.