The Solution

iPort's Control Mount became the clear answer: an in-wall mount for iPad that secured iPad to the wall, while providing charge to the iPad.  Control Mount's neutral, contemporary esthetic allowed it to blend into virtually any environment, and the bezel was even paintable to match the wall.  The iPad assembly was even tethered to the wall-box with security screws, enabling its theft deterrent feature. 

"The iPort Control Mount is the perfect solution because it provides an elegant and secure mouth for iPad.  The product is consistent with our contemporary interior design and keeps the device always charged with the control app ready for use on-screen," explains Derek.  "Now, iPads are always ready, always there, and the experience just works.  It's easy."

The job of powering many Control Mounts from one power source was enabled by iPort's VoltPort Electronics technology, on-board ever Control Mount.  Integrators utilized a commercial 13.8V 200W power supply to power nearly a dozen iPort Control Mount and LaunchPort devices.  Each iPort device knows how much power it needs to draw, making it very easy to consolidate power in a technology rack, saving space and clutter.

In addition to the use of Control Mount with automation control apps, many corporate users have leveraged Apps like Ender Labs' EventBoard.  Event Board is an app for displaying meeting room schedules and in-use information from either Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.  Customers combine Event Board, with iPad and Control Mount as an elegant and effective signage solution outside every conference room.