+ How long does the battery last?

The xPRESS Audio Keypad has a re-chargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Under typical conditions the battery will last 3-6 months (10-20 button presses a day). You can re-charge your Keypad in about 2-3 hours with its supplied micro-USB cable and any USB power adapter. In most cases your iPhone's power adapter will work great.

+ Does xPRESS work on 5GHz networks?

xPRESS Audio keypad is designed only for 2.4GHz networks. If you ahve a router that supports 5GHz networks, in most cases the router will also support a simultaneous 2.4GHz network the xPRESS Keypad can operate on. Make sure your iOS device used for configuration is connected to the 2.4GHz network and forgets the 5GHz network before configuring an xPRESS Audio Keypad.

+ How do I figure out the MAC Address of my Keypad?

Your Keypad's MAC Address will always be 6 sets of characters. The first 3 will always be: DC:82:F6. The last 3 sets of characters are the last 6 characters in your device's serial number (SN). This can be found on the back of your keypad on the product label.

+ How do I Update my Keypad's Firmware?

If your keypad has already been configured, you can simply press and hold the Play/Pause button and the Volume Down button at the same time for 10 seconds and this will start an auto-firmware upate. You will see a series of purple blinks which means all is well.

+ I'm trying to update my Keypad's firmware but I just see yellow LED Flashes. What do I do?

Don't worry. All you need to do is plug in your keypad to charge up a bit more. The keypad needs at least 50% battery to receive a firmware upade.

+ How do I group and un-group a Keypad to multiple Sonos devices?

The xPRESS Audio Keypad pairs with one Sonos device at a time. When the device you have paired your keypad with becomes the group coordinator of a group of Sonos devices, your Keypad will automatically control the group.

+ How do I install a keypad to a wall?

In the box you'll get two types of wall mounts, one for using 1G Decora style wall plates and another that doesn't need a wall plate. Use the supplied screws to install the Keypad like a traditional wall switch or keypad with the 1G Decora mount, or use the adhesive strip supplied to install the quick-stick mount. In both cases, the Keypad magnetically connects to the wall mounts, for easy grab and go.

+ Can I pair two Keypads with one Sonos speaker?

Yes you can. And for newer Sonos devices you can pair even more. But you should always be able to pair at least two Keypads to any Sonos device.

+ What is Endorsed Partner Integration?

This is a Sonos program that allows for deep, official integration between Sonos and other technology developers like ourselves. The result of these integrations is an excellent experience for our mutual users.

+ What is the range of the Keypad?

Wherever you have WiFi in your house, the xPRESS Audio Keypad will work. That's it. If you need help extending the range of your Keypad or any other connected device in your home, we really recommend updating your wireless network. Check out our friends Eero who should be able to help!

+ What devices does the App work with?

The App is iOS for now (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). You will need iOS 10 or later installed. But we do plan on releasing an Android app later on (don't worry we didn't forget about you ;).

+ What is the Difference Between My Sonos and Sonos Favorites

My Sonos is the new Sonos Favorites. With the release of Sonos 8.0 My Sonos now takes the place of Sonos Favorites. This does not change how xPRESS works with your Sonos System. You are still able to toggle through My Sonos Songs, Playlists or Stations just like before.