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xPRESS Support Intro

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Welcome to xPRESS Support.  Use the menu below or click on the Support chat bubble at the bottom of the screen to connect with one of Support Specialists.





+ How long does the battery last?

The xPRESS Audio Keypad has a re-chargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Under typical conditions the battery will last 3-6 months (10-20 button presses a day). You can re-charge your Keypad in about 2-3 hours with its supplied micro-USB cable and any USB power adapter. In most cases your iPhone's power adapter will work great.

+ Does xPRESS work on 5GHz networks?

xPRESS Audio keypad is designed only for 2.4GHz networks. If you ahve a router that supports 5GHz networks, in most cases the router will also support a simultaneous 2.4GHz network the xPRESS Keypad can operate on. Make sure your iOS device used for configuration is connected to the 2.4GHz network and forgets the 5GHz network before configuring an xPRESS Audio Keypad.

+ How do I figure out the MAC Address of my Keypad?

Your Keypad's MAC Address will always be 6 sets of characters. The first 3 will always be: DC:82:F6. The last 3 sets of characters are the last 6 characters in your device's serial number (SN). This can be found on the back of your keypad on the product label.

+ How do I Update my Keypad's Firmware?

If your keypad has already been configured, you can simply press and hold the Play/Pause button and the Volume Down button at the same time for 10 seconds and this will start an auto-firmware upate. You will see a series of purple blinks which means all is well.

+ I'm trying to update my Keypad's firmware but I just see yellow LED Flashes. What do I do?

Don't worry. All you need to do is plug in your keypad to charge up a bit more. The keypad needs at least 50% battery to receive a firmware upade.

+ How do I group and un-group a Keypad to multiple Sonos devices?

The xPRESS Audio Keypad pairs with one Sonos device at a time. When the device you have paired your keypad with becomes the group coordinator of a group of Sonos devices, your Keypad will automatically control the group.

+ How do I install a keypad to a wall?

In the box you'll get two types of wall mounts, one for using 1G Decora style wall plates and another that doesn't need a wall plate. Use the supplied screws to install the Keypad like a traditional wall switch or keypad with the 1G Decora mount, or use the adhesive strip supplied to install the quick-stick mount. In both cases, the Keypad magnetically connects to the wall mounts, for easy grab and go.

+ Can I pair two Keypads with one Sonos speaker?

Yes you can. And for newer Sonos devices you can pair even more. But you should always be able to pair at least two Keypads to any Sonos device.

+ What is Endorsed Partner Integration?

This is a Sonos program that allows for deep, official integration between Sonos and other technology developers like ourselves. The result of these integrations is an excellent experience for our mutual users.

+ What is the range of the Keypad?

Wherever you have WiFi in your house, the xPRESS Audio Keypad will work. That's it. If you need help extending the range of your Keypad or any other connected device in your home, we really recommend updating your wireless network. Check out our friends Eero who should be able to help!

+ What devices does the App work with?

The App is iOS for now (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). You will need iOS 10 or later installed.

+ What is the Difference Between My Sonos and Sonos Favorites

My Sonos is the new Sonos Favorites. With the release of Sonos 8.0 My Sonos now takes the place of Sonos Favorites. This does not change how xPRESS works with your Sonos System. You are still able to toggle through My Sonos Songs, Playlists or Stations just like before.

LED Blink

LED Blink

 LED Blink Language

Blue | Configuration Mode

Fast Blue Blink

I've entered Configuration mode after you press and held the volume Up and Down buttons for 6 seconds.  I'm now waiting to receive your Wi-Fi network name and password so I can join the network.


Solid Blue for 3 Seconds

I've successfully joined your network!


Slow Blue Blink

I'm now waiting to receive information about what Sonos device you'd like me to control.

Purple | Firmware Update Mode

Slow Purple Blink

I'm connecting with the firmware update server to receive new firmware.  If you see yellow here instead of purple, just plug me in for a bit because I need a bit more energy in order to update firmware.


Fast Purple Blink

It's getting intense! I'm downloading new firmware.


Solid Purple for 3 Seconds

I've Successfully updated firmware!


Red | Charge Me Please

Red Blinking Periodically

Please charge me. I am below 20% battery.


Solid Red

I am plugged in and charging.  It may take up to 3 hours to charge if I have 0% battery.

Green | I'm Charged


100% Charged.


White | Awake

White Blinking or Solid

I am waking up and connecting to the network or to the Sonos device.  If solid for a second, I have successfully send my command.  

If blinking white off and on, you probably press and held Play/Pause for 6 seconds which will wake me up for a few minutes to be able to receive new instructions from the iPort Connect App.

Yellow | Alert

Yellow Blinks

Usually this happens when there is no need for the Sonos command at the moment.  For example, If you are listening to a radio station with no ability to use track forward, a press of this button will give you a yellow light.  

Some times there is an error in sending the command or connecting to the device.  If this happens you will also see a yellow flash.  

Button Press Combination

Button Press Combination

 Button Press Combinations


Wake Up Keypad


Configure Keypad

Force-Restart Keypad

xPRESS_Vol up-down 6 secs.png

Volume Ramping


Force Reset Keypad After F/W 1.4

Force Reset Keypad Before F/W 1.4

xPRESS_Button Press Combination_Star Reset.png
xPRESS_Button Press Combination_Trackforward Reset.png

Force Firmware Update from Keypad

iPort Connect App and Firmware

iPort Connect App and Firmware

iPort Connect App and Keypad Firmware

Update your xPRESS Keypad to Accomplish More with Sonos

Sonos has updated the Sonos Sound Platform with some exciting new features and capabilities. To enjoy these new features and maintain the security and functionality of the Sonos Sound Platform, please update your xPRESS Keypad Firmware.

My xPRESS Keypad stopped working with Sonos. What do I do?
Sonos recently updated the security of the Sonos Sound Platform to version 10.0 on January 22, 2019. In some cases, xPRESS Keypads with older firmware will need a quick firmware update to maintain functionality.

How to update your Keypad Firmware:
Simply press and hold Play/Pause and Volume Down buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Let the keypad light blink purple for about 30 seconds and once the blinking stops, you're all set.


Here are some of the new and exciting features you can utilize by updating your firmware:



Assign specific Favorites to an individual xPRESS keypad and set the order the Favorites will play.


Individual or Group Volume Control

Now you can choose if an xPRESS Keypad controls the volume of a single Sonos device or a Sonos group.



Create custom scenes grouping specific Sonos devices, setting Volume and playing the desired Favorite.

If you have further questions, please reference Frequently Asked Questions or email techsupport@iportproducts.com.



iPort Connect App

Currently on iOS App Store: v2.1.12

works with iOS 10 or later.

Released 2.22.19


Release Notes


- Resolves an issue that can occur with discovering Sonos devices in recent versions of Sonos.


- Update for compatibility with Sonos version 10.


- Update for compatibility with Sonos version 9.3.

V2.1.2 (48)

-Minor bug fixes and user experience enhancements.

V2.1.1 Release
-Bug fixes and enhancements.
-Resolves iPhone X UI bugs.
-Adds support for iPad native UI.


New in version 2.1!

INDIVIDUAL VOLUME CONTROL: You've spoken and we listened: NOW you can choose whether your keypad is a group volume controller or individual Sonos device volume controller.

SELECTED FAVORITES: Select a short list of Sonos Favorites to program to each Keypad which allows you to play Favorites that are best suited for each room in the house. For instance, ensure that only kids music can be access by the Keypad in the kid's room.

SCENES: Activate Scenes like "party mode" that group together Sonos devices, set volume levels and play your favorite playlist all from just ONE long-press of the STAR button on your keypad.




xPRESS Keypad

Current Firmware: v1.4.0.20

Released 2.22.19

(To Update Firmware, press & hold play/pause and volume down for 10 second at any time after Keypad has been configured)


Release Notes


-Bug fixes and enhancements

-Resolves an issue with xPRESS pairing to non-desired Sonos devices in some conditions

-Resolves an issue where music does not continue to play some times when a Scene is activated

-Updates HTTP headers for Sonos security compliance

-Adds new Auto-OTA firmware update feature





Unboxing and Set Up

Unboxing and Set Up

Unboxing and Set Up


What's In the Box

-xPRESS Audio Keypad

-Decora Adapter Plate

-Peel & Stick Mount

-Micro-USB to USB Cable

-Mounting Screws

-Quickstart Guide

-Room Labels

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

CAD File

PDF  |  DWG 



Input:  5V | 100mA

Micro-USB Port

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Time to recharge:  Up to 3 hours (0-100%)


2.4 GHz

FCC ID: 2ACSD-140657

IC:  12175A-140657 

CE:  1177







When setting up the xPRESS on the network, and the xPRESS will not connect, and you receive a flashing Yellow LED. 


-Press and hold the Play/Pause buttons for 6 seconds. After the Yellow Lights stop flashing and the Keypad LED flashes White, quit the iPort Connect App and restart the configuration workflow.  

- Press and hold Volume Up and Down buttons for 6 seconds and follow the instruction on the iPort Connect App to complete the setup configuration.


When a Firmware update is attempted the LED blinks Yellow instead of Purple and the firmware update fails.


-Plug in your Keypad, fully charge the device & try again.  The Keypad needs 50% or more battery charge to perform a firmware update.

-If device is fully charged and firmware update continues to fail, re-configure keypad to network by pressing and holding volume up and down for 6 seconds and using the configuration process in the iOS App.  It's possible that your network credentials or topology changed and we need to get updated information to the keypad.



When using the Keypad, some buttons yield yellow LED blinks and others yield white. 


-This is most common for the track forward button when using streaming radio services that do not have a track forward function.  

-If this happens with the play pause button:  the paired Sonos device may be a group participant.  If this is the case and you are running firmware v1.2.0.45 or earlier on your keypad (to check firmware version, enter the iPort Connect App, tap on the device in the device list and you can view the firmware version number on the device dashboard page), the keypad will pause function until the group is dissolved. This will be resolved in the next major firmware update. 

-If this happens with the favorite button:  there are some Sonos favorites that are currently not supported under the UPnP implementation of Favorites: Sonos Playlists, some locally stored tracks and albums.  This will be resolved in the next major firmware update with the adoption of the official Sonos Favorites API.

-If this is happening with all buttons consistently, re-configure keypad to network by pressing and holding volume up and down for 6 seconds and using the configuration process in the iOS App.  It's possible that your network credentials or topology changed and we need to get updated information to the keypad.


Delays are noticed from the time a button is pressed to when music is heard playing or changing. 


-The keypad wakes up, joins the network and sends a broadcast all within less than one second.  Sometimes it takes a few more seconds for Sonos to queue up music or changing streaming services and buffer.  

-To check if the Sonos system is taking time to buffer, open the Sonos App, navigate to the Sonos device page your keypad is paired with and press the Volume Up and Down buttons on your Keypad.  If you see a quick response in a change of the volume slider on the App screen, your keypad is working correctly and further delays can be attributed to general music buffering.  

-If there is a significant delay from button press to feedback on the Sonos App screen, re-configure your keypad or and then check you home's network.


Device out of the box appears dead.  There is no LED blink when a button is pressed.


-if device out of box appears dead, charge it until the LED is Green.  The device should work properly.  (Some times the device may loose all of its charge if sitting in the box for too long) 

-If the device still appears dead after several hours and or the LED is not turning green — plug it back in again, press a button while plugged in.  Then unplug the device and it should wake up.  You should then configure the device and download new Keypad firmware when prompted during the configuration process.

Sonos Favorites will not toggle correctly after Sonos 8 Update. 


-Sonos consolidated Favorites and Playlists into one location called My Sonos. Now Playlists, Stations, and Songs can be all added to My Sonos. xPRESS can toggle through any of these favorites alphabetically just as before. With the addition of Sonos Playlists into My Sonos, it may appear that xPRESS is not playing all your favorites. All you need to do is tap on the three dots next to you Sonos Playlist and choose the option to add a playlist to My Sonos. Once added to My Sonos, Press the Star Button repeatedly until you cycle through your Favorites, at which time the new playlist will then be available to toggle in xPRESS. 

Re-configuring the same Keypad creates two instances of the keypad in the device list of the iPort Connect App


-This is a known issue.  You can simply swipe and delete the old instance of the Keypad. This will be resolved in a future App software release.



Didn't find what you were looking for?  Please click on the support bubble at the bottom of the screen to get connected with one of our support specialists!