What is the Charge Case and Stand warranty?

Charge Case & Stand has a one-year warranty from time of purchase.  Please refer to our iPort warranty by clicking here.


What is the Charge Case and Stand return policy?

Please refer to our online sales and return policy by clicking here.


How do I charge my iPad with Charge Case and Stand?

Make sure the Stand is plugged into the wall and that you have your Charge Case on your iPad with the lightning connector inserted at the bottom. Place your iPad onto the Stand. There are conductive charge pins on the Stand that align with Charge Pads on the Charge Case. You can charge in Portrait or Landscape Orientation.


Will my iPad become damage if I leave on the Charge Stand for too long?

No. Charge Case and Stand are Made for iPad (MFi) certified by Apple and work in the same way as Apple's provided iPad power adapter.


Can my iPad be removed from the Stand?

Yes, it can. You can easily grab your iPad whenever you need to take it off of the Stand. The best part is that it will most likely be fully charged.


Can I use a screen protector with the Charge Case and Stand?

No. You can use the Apple Smart Cover, however.


Can I buy just a Stand separately?

Yes. You can purchase a Stand a la carte to provide additional locations for mounting and charging.  Click here.


Can I buy just a Charge Case separately?

No, not at this time.


How do I adjust the mounting angle of my Stand?

Push the silver buttons on the sides of the Stand.  Move the mount to the desired angle of your choice by pushing or pulling your iPad up or down. The magnets that attract and align your Case onto the Stand also keep your iPad attracted to the Stand’s movable mount as you adjust the angle.


What kind of headphones can I use with my Charge Case?

You can use Apple’s provided white headphones or another brand that has the same size 3.5mm jack over-mold. Most headphones sold today utilize Apple’s smaller over-mold.


What are the openings on the bottom of the Charge Case?

These are wave-guides that direct sound towards you and passively amplify iPad audio. These are great for enhancing audio from some music or a movie while your iPad rests and charges on the Stand.


How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please email Orders@iportproducts.com. We will be in contact to confirm your order cancelation.


My Charge Case and Stand does not appear to have a power connector for my country.  What do I do?

Not to worry, we sell International Connectors for Charge Stand.  You may purchase them by clicking here.


My Charge Case and Stand has stopped working, what do I do?

Make sure the iPad is securely seated in the case and that the Lightning Module is fully attached into the iPad (at the bottom of the Charge Case). Check to make sure the Charge Stand power supply is plugged into the wall.  If this does not resolve the issue, please submit a support form and our support team will be in contact with you.