Each button on a Surface Mount Buttons bezel is laser engraved to an extremely high precision.  The buttons themselves have been engineered flush with the bezel eliminating any shadow-cast but still providing just enough of a protrusion to provide a tactile feel..  

Each button provides a Press or Press & Hold function.  The Buttons bezel communicates with JSON IP strings.  To learn more about our AP, click on the drivers and support button above.

Combined with precision LED backlighting, the resulting control experience is nothing short of luxurious.  Choose from 30+ icons out of the box to match with programmed functions.  And if you can't find an icon for your application, you can order custom-engraved icons to perfectly match the job.

Custom button engraving is available!  If you are a Dana Innovations dealer, contact your Dana Innovations rep for more details.  Or to order custom engraved button packs on our site, click the button below.


Buttons Provided in the Box

Buttons WEb.png